Bich Yen Nguyen


Parc Technologique des Fontaines

Bernin,F-38926 Crolles,France

Bich-Yen Nguyen ( is a senior fellow at Soitec, Crolles, France, where she is responsible for the joint development of fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technology with strategic partners and customers. Prior to joining Soitec, she was a senior manager and fellow at Freescale/Motorola, where she was recognized for her leadership and research in developing advanced complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology and transferring that process technology into production. Her honors and awards include the Dan Noble Fellow, the highest technical award at Motorola; the Master of Innovation Award; and the first national Women in Technology Lifetime Achievement Award. She holds over 200 worldwide patents and has authored more than 180 technical papers on integrated circuit technologies.

Nha Trang-Vietnam